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The Clarke Method

The Clarke Method
Tai Chi is often described as "moving meditation". The Clarke Method is medication in motion.  We write a prescription for each individual person.
There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice has value in treating or preventing many health problems, such as anxiety, stress reduction, paranoia, bewilderment, sleep disorders, etc.
The Clarke Method recognizes that one size does not fit all.  Therefore, it is important to customize each person’s training curriculum so that they will receive the most benefit.  
There are three common learning styles:  visual, audio, and kinesthetic.  During our initial consultation, we will find out which learning and teaching style connects to you. By doing so, this will ensure that your journey into Tai Chi, Chi Gong or any of the internal arts practices we offer will be successful. 

Connecting With Your Inner Spirit and Self Realization

A few steps to connecting with your inner spirit with reflection on the person you are and the purpose you have:

  1. Look for deeper meaning.  Reflect inwards within your life and your future.
  2. Get it out of your head.  Actualize your vision by writing it down.
  3. Release tension and dissonance in the mind. Regularly practicing Tai Chi/Chi Gong, Yoga and other flowing arts.
  4. Change your environment. Look for new things in familiar places and travel outside of what is comfortable to develop new outlooks.
  5. Think positively.  Cultivate the power of your mind by nourishing it with positivity. Do your best to remove negativity from your thoughts and your behaviors.
  6. Take time to calm your spirit & mind. Learn to meditate and breath to elevate your spirit and rejuvenate your body.

About Master Clarke

World Renowned Tai Chi Master, Three-Time U.S. National Champion, South American Champion, World Champion South Korea, Kung Fu Film Star and elite professional trainer.

Master Clarke is now retired from competition dedicating himself to his passion in educating others on the mental, spiritual, and emotional lifestyle changes needed to experience rejuvenation and reach great levels of achievement. His commitment to helping people attain true life balance, reach their goals, and live a better quality of life is undisputed.

Master Clarke conducts seminars around the world, focused on both motivational speaking and traditional martial art technique. And, of course, he promotes Tai Chi and “The Clarke Method” of his Flow of Ageless Living Program worldwide.

How to Schedule an Online or Private Session with Master Clarke

We have an open schedule to accommodate  online and private sessions, allowing the flexibility to meet your individual needs. Request the day and time that works best, and we will create a schedule together.

"Flow And Ageless Living" Group Instruction

We have three group lessons per week:  Tuesday evening, Thursday evening, and Saturday morning classes are available for you to participate in to experience the philosophy of FLOW. 

Making your appointment is easy; fill out the "Request Appointment" form here, or you can call or email Master Clarke directly to set up your appointment. 

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