Enjoy the Ambiance at Chi Leaf Teahouse Sample a variety of traditional teas and herbal mixes


Why Tea and Tai Chi

After many years of traveling all throughout Asia, Master Clarke dreamed of opening a holistic center combined with a traditional tea house.

Tai Chi and tea have been an effective and successful healing combination for many centuries, using their natural medicinal qualities to cure many illnesses and increase circulation in the body.

Sample a Veriety of Teas

Energize your life and support your multi-fuctional body-systems with the stimulating and healing benefits of teas from around the world. Our selection of high quality teas includes several varieties of traditional green teas and other unique and delicious herbal blends. Come enjoy the unique flavor profiles and health and healing benefits of each of our tea offerings.


Benifits of Drinking Tea

Oxidative stress is a primary cause of body-wide inflammation that can lead to osteoporosis as well as other inflammatory health problems like heart disease. Including Green Tea and other herbal blends into your daily routine can help reduce oxidative stress in the body, improve blood flow by widening key arteries, while contributing to radient, younger looking skin, weight-loss and detoxification.

Find Your Chi While Drinking Tea

Our traditional tea lounge offers the perfect retreat to reflect, relax, and connect either in solitude or with others. Settle in and enjoy the comfort of Chi Tea House while nourishing your body with hot tea.